04/9/12 3:59 PM

Laying the foundations

The two main aims of this project are the generation of a first map of the Iberian lynx genome and the generation of a comprehensively set of markers for genomic analyses in the species. In the process of generating these tools, a first complete snapshot of contemporary global genomic variation in Iberian lynx will be produced and analysed to explore the consequences of the species decline on neutral and non-neutral variation.


Our specific objectives are:

  • To produce a high quality and conprehensively annotated draft of Iberian lynx and European lynx genomes.
  • To sequence and characterize the Iberian lynx transcriptome
  • Comparative genomic analysis of Iberian lynx, European lynx and cat genomes
  • To generate a BAC library as a resource for future studies and for draft validation
  • To characterize genome wide variation through the WGS of 10 additional individuals
  • To generate an extensive set of markers for population genomic studies
  • To characterize extant genomic variation based on the selected set of markers and an extensive sample of remnant populations


To achieve its goal the project will synergistically draw on the following concurrent circumstances:

  1. Recent developments in genome sequence technologies that result in increased yields and lower costs
  2. The availability of a largely assembled and annotated genome for a closely related species, the domestic cat
  3. The availability of new high capacity infrastructures for genome sequencing in Spain
  4. The accumulated expertise on genome annotation and analyses of Spanish bioinformaticians.
  5. Available biological samples and accumulated knowledge of Iberian lynx biology and genetics.
Available languages: Spanish
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