Iberian Lynx
By Life Program 08/18/11 9:31 AM

First loss of the reintroduction program in Guarrizas

Grazalema, female born in the captive breeding program, was found dead inside a box-trap

In August 17 the female Grazalema that was released in Guarrizas reintroduction area, was found dead. The body of the specimen was found in the south of Ciudad Real province, in Castilla-La Mancha, in a box-trap. This sad fact highlights the incompatibility of the use of predator control methods (banned in Andalusia) with the survival of the lynx.

Castilla-La Mancha has approved the Recovery Plan for the Iberian lynx and some areas are declared as sensitive areas critical to the survival of the species. This plan provides that in the critical areas for the species, except in cases of risk to the safety of persons, predator control systems which may adversely affect the lynx are not permitted.

Despite this setback, the status of the reintroduction in Guarrizas valley continues into the most optimistic scenario expected during the first year. The four remaining individuals remain in the area, and are adjusting their territories. It is expected that during 2012 breeding season, at least one of the two females released reproduce.

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