Iberian Lynx
12/13/11 9:16 AM

First Iberian lynx litters born free in Guadalmellato

The reintroduction project in the area is getting very positive results

After the settlement of the adults in the reintroduction area, reproduction has been confirmed in all three females -Diana, Eclipse and Flavia, the latter by immigration from natural population of Andújar-Cardeña-. There are a total of 7 cubs, which have all three coat types.

These have been detected in the monitoring of the reintroduced population through photo-trapping techniques and direct observation of the LIFE-team staff. In addition, the results being obtained in the first two years of monitoring show a very favorable scenario Guadalmellato to seat the beginning of a viable population.

Regarding the five juveniles released in March and April, Galan, Gael, Gaia, Gitana and Gomera, stay currently within the reintroduction area. Like other lynxes released earlier, some of them have made exploratory movements. Noteworthy are the two different raids to the west that Gael made, reaching the vicinity of the Cerro Muriano military base and near the city of Cordoba.

Both times he returned to the reintroduction area. Also, the juvenile female Gitana made a first foray 20 km northern, reaching the beginning of the meadows of the valley of Pedroches which finally ended near the town of Adamuz. The other movements of the juveniles have been shorter and within the reintroduction area.

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