Iberian Lynx
12/14/11 4:52 PM

The lynx population triples in Andalusia in nine years

The number of members increases in every area: Andújar-Cardeña, Guadalmellato, Guarrizas and Doñana
Hocico, a little lynx.
Hocico, a little lynx.

The Iberian lynx population in Spain tripled in the last nine years and has reached from 94 to 312 members. This increase is mainly due to the conservation projects, which have succeeded in increasing significantly the number of specimens in every area: Andújar-Cardeña, Guadalmellato, Guarrizas y Doñana, reported the Environment Department of the Andalusia Autonomous Government.

The most remarkable evolution happened in Doñana, where the population of iberian felid has broadened from 41 in 202 to 88 in 2011. Moreover, the occupied area has increased by 240% and the number of territorial females (19, two more than last year) suggest that Doñana's population could be slowly coming out of its critical situation.

In this regard, the last researchers in Doñana's sector demonstrate that the increase of the linx occupied area is directly related to the actions taken to improve the habitat and the rabbit populations, its main prey.

Furthermore, the most remarkable fact  for some years now is the foundation of a new population in the area of Aznalcázar-La Puebla, in Seville's province, where 14 linx lives.

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