Iberian Lynx
03/25/12 2:44 PM

The Captive Breeding Centre of Caceres has been successful in reproduction

Farfa on the farrowing crate.  - Junta de Andalucía

The first three lynxes are born at the Captive Breeding Centre of Caceres of Zarza de Granadilla, in Cáceres. The birth came up at 3:00  o'clock in the morning of march 24. Farfara, a three year old female born in captivity in La Olivila Centre (Jaén), feels fine, quiet and she is taking care of her cubs.

The mother, which has accepted her progeny, has got out of the farrowing crate to eat withouth problems and her puppy are quite active and they are nursing, reports the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Enviroment.

The Captive Breeding Programme have 80 specimens (40 male and 40 female) and this breeding season 42 pupys have been born of wich 38 are still alife.

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